The field of dispute resolution is extensive and interesting. This could be litigation, mediation, arbitration, conciliation, facilitation, negotiation, expert determination and MedArb.

Litigation is usually an action brought before a law court to enforce a particular right to a wronged person ( s).
Mediation, a process that is usually intended to be dealt privately and one that assists in a dispute between two or more people who are undergoing challenging times.
Arbitration is a technique that resolves disputes for parties using codified rules of practise,and is usually one resolved outside the court.

Conciliation is a process where disputing parties use a conciliator to resolve their disputes.
Facilitation is usually the use of processes to help a group of people fully understand their objectives and help them attain their desired goal, which is normally through a facilitator.
Negotiation is the process of liaising with disputing parties through a negotiator who often stands as the middle man and the go- to- person in order to see that a disputes is amicably resolved.
Expert determination is a process whereby an independent technical expert gives an opinion based of academic and experiential knowledge for which he makes a binding decision which the disputing parties are bound by.
MedArb is a unique process whereby there is arbitration and subsequently mediation which often settles the disputes.