There was a time MAN was subjected to working manually. This form of work created ample opportunities for people. However, with time came the industrial revolution which changed the face of work ethics.This brought about the use of industries to handle MAN’s work, which were initially done by MAN manually. As expected, the change of work method meant lots of people lost their jobs, and fewer capable hands were able to man the machines. This does seem so many years ago, which is true. Interestingly, a similar occurrence is taking place in our world, however, this is taking a different dimension.

The recent advances in information technology and specifically the internet has made provision for awesome opportunities for consumers and sellers. The relationship has the ability to transform the relationship between buyers and sellers on a scale not witnessed since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

What the world is witnessing is a technological revolution. This is with websites, blogs, discussion platforms and forums are now a commonplace method for people from all walks of life to receive and pass on information on an increasingly fast means and without scrutiny.

Legal practitioners have had to take a radical look at the way disputes are resolved.Consumers now demand that sellers be open in their dealings. Access to information about a product or service is both a consequence and a driver of the information age.

A better informed consumer is in a better position to exercise its rights, and better able to carry out responsibilities with the seller within the terms of the contract without an iota of fear.