As technology changes our lives positively, there are some negative consequences of the internet. Such as Cyber bullying which has caused some people to commit suicide. Youngsters seem to be the biggest victims of online bullying, whether on twitter, or Facebook or even YouTube. However, increasingly governments around the world have been keen to stamp out bullying on the net. Mostly by educating the populace, and regulations geared towards safeguarding actions of online users.

California hosted a group of intellectuals, which included Ms Ijeoma Ononogbu, Solicitor England & Wales, MADR Director Bill Warters,
Professor Leah Wing of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
a social justice educator and Mr Patrick Chan San Francisco- based student interface designer. Our group took on the challenge of addressing cyber bullying. There were cross movements of advisors, however, after the 1st day groups settled into concrete block with an intention to build an App that stands out.

Our summer participation in the first national Tech for Justice Hackathon held at the Code for America Office in San Francisco. Pressing issues in the justice field (bullying, landlord tenant conflicts, environmental and public policy conflicts, access to justice services, etc) were presented by topical experts and then teams of designers, coders, law students and dispute resolution specialists formed around about 7 different projects, building the best app they could imagine in the 2 days of available time.

Our team came up with a mind- blowing App on curbing and stopping Cyberbullying. Interestingly, delegates found our App interesting, one of a kind, and insightful.

Why did our team think Cyberbullying worth addressing? We felt there is a need to address the dangers of online bullying on the Net. In recent years, media centres have captured the demerits of Cyberbullying, which has not been adequately addressed.

The exciting news is that our app design for the “We’re With You” cyberbullying bystander activation app was awarded the second place prize. Our team was given individual prizes by the current President of the American Bar Association, Jim Silkenat, during a full-day conference entitled “Breaking Mad” held at Hastings Law School exploring conflict resolution in the emerging “collaborative economy”. Video footage from the live stream recording is available online, and will be uploaded for public viewing shortly.