Trust as we all know is mostly earned over a period of time. It therefore can not be forced or requested. In all spheres of life trust ensures there is good communication between parties involved   as well as continuity.  Litigation, as a form of dispute resolution process has over the years enjoyed trust among litigants and the public, simply because there are set of rules and procedural processes which must be adhered to, before the litigation can properly commence. There has hardly been an issue on the observance of this code of conduct, and due to this both litigants and the public are aware what is expected, fortunately more often than not the courts have delivered, and with this the trust in the litigation process has continued to grow.

Online Dispute Resolution,on the other hand an evolving concept in the dispute resolution process is guaranteed to come under scrutiny on the issue of trust. One of the fundamental question that is usually raised by intended users of the ODR platform is how can we trust the adjudicator on the other end, whether the e-arbitrator, e-mediator, e-negotiator etc, and my answer to this, is always verify their credentials which is usually public knowledge. You must make an informed decision on whether you can trust the adjudicator by possibly calling up the accredited school/ institution that the adjudicator has claimed to have attended. Once there has been due diligence, simply take the plunge and have your claim/dispute resolved by an online dispute resolution process/ adjudicator. I employ this because this is where the dispute resolution process is heading to. One which is constantly evolving in astonishing ways.

Trust in ODR is one which will be earned in due course. Since ODR guarantees faster,simpler means of resolving disputes, it is important that both consumers, sellers, disputants and the general public understand the intricacies of Online Dispute Resolution and embrace it in all its fullness. According to the recent EU ruling on ODR, this form of dispute resolution is one which must be expanded because of the benefits it offers, especially in our rapidly changing world.