Electronic commerce commonly referred to as E-commerce, has seen a surge in its use since the advent of technology. Companies such as eBay, Amazon are popular because their goods and services are made available online, through various technological means. The vast opportunity E-commerce offers range from its ability to render services to consumers anywhere in the world as well its ability to cater for the needs of individuals in a specific location.

The success of these companies have largely been because of its appeal to various age groups from the elderly to the youngsters. In a fast moving world, like what we have today, it’s of paramount importance that companies adapt to the changing requirement of our times, mostly technologically. This has been seen in the evolving nature of E- commerce.

E- commerce has been successful in most parts of the world, because electronic/online concepts constitute the watchword of today and the future. Most consumers are constantly seeking companies, who can offer their goods and services electronically. With this scenario, the market for goods and services online have been on the increase.

It goes without saying, disputes are bound to occur online as a result of various activity taking place on a daily basis. For this reason, it is only legitimate, an online judiciary system is established. On this premise, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) cannot be over emphasised because of its obvious advantages which include accessibility, an obvious requirement in the technological world we live in today.

‘The Internet: transforming society and shaping the future through chat’
Dave Barry

The ability to resolve E-commerce disputes via Online Dispute Resolution would definitely go a long way for both businesses and consumers. The added advantage in ODR, which includes its ability to understand the online terrain, convenience to consumers as well as Business 2 Business(B2B). ODR as a platform will surely change the landscape of E-commerce because of its ability to cut across jurisdictions regardless of where either party is stationed.

I envisage NOW is the time for Online Dispute Resolution process to be used in E- commerce disputes. Paypal and eBay, have both been successful in the resolution of online disputes through their Online Dispute Resolution departments, which has shown its practicability and cost efficiency in the dispute resolution processes.