Ironically, a world without court trials would be one of anarchy. The beauty of court trials is the ability of courts to create and expand the governing law.This has led to the courts dealing with matters that have been used as precedent in the International system, as well as led to the expansion of International law. In some ways led to the establishment of administrative law cases.

A stipulation on the rights of individuals against those of the State: a feat ADR is unable to achieve ,although ADR does play an important role in people’s daily lives.

Though court trials are diminishing in the Western world, the importance of court trials  should not be overlooked.  In the United States of America and The European Union, the procedural requirements give the people a platform to voice their dissatisfaction directly to the authorities. Fortunately, with the European Union having the European Court of justice (ECJ) as a referral point for all European parties, people are aware of the provision that they could bring matters between themselves and their governments to the ECJ, which as expected,  breeds confidence in the legal system.

Historically, sovereign immunity would have prevented cases from reaching the courts but with the democratic provisions, court trials have become indispensable. Some will argue that the courts are busier now than ever, though in some ways this could be true with people conscious of their rights and the accessibility to justice the courts offer disputants.

The reality is that though the courts may be busier now than ever, this could be attributed to the increase in population and globalisation, as well as the desire by society to have a transparent and public process. The concept of the court trials disappearing does not have so much legitimacy now, as it would have in a couple of years with the growth and enforcement of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

The disappearing court trial is rather a gradual and definite situation which will soon materialise, given the obvious part the press plays  in disseminating information. The press has been attributed to being the social watchdogs or public watchdogs in the society, for their role in ensuring transparency.

Though it must be stressed that the right of access to court is conditional, and may be subject to limitations, these are limitations approved by implication since the right of access by its very nature calls for control by the State. The State is still compelled to act accordingly, as long as it does confirm to the rules of court simply because the State and the court are meant to work together and they both should be seen to complement one another.

All actions are subject to the dictates of the constitution. As required, there should not be any form of interference with anything in the constitution, because the constitution must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of the peoples’ liberties.