The dawn of the 21st Century signalled a change of course. For this reason, lawyers saw the formalisation of ADR.  As a result law had to follow suit with the changes seen in technology.

Technology has changed the world in various aspects from e-commerce with the aid of e-Bay, friendships made and some reignited by Facebook, professional connections made on LinkedIn, news disseminated by twitter. The list goes on. The fact remains, technology can not be ignored, because it has entered into every facet of human life. In simple terms, technology is important.

The changing face of technology means that it is possible to use technology in the resolution of disputes/conflicts. In as much as technology can be used in the resolution of conflicts/disputes, it has at the same time generated fresh conflicts which were initially unknown to man. As a result, technology can resolve these conflicts. The use of Online Dispute Resolution(ODR)  is one that is undergoing extensive expansion and gradual acceptance.

The study by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) to include ODR to protect consumers in e-commerce is one that will help this evolving concept ODR.  By 2015 the European Union hopes  to have a region- wide use of ODR. This will definitely lead to worldwide use of ODR which will decongest the number of cases which are yet to be dealt with.

ODR promises to resolve a significant number of cases when widely adopted.